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Wednesday 12 January 2022

FLOW - Music with Therapeutic Benefit


In 2021, an extraordinary piece of music was released by Jayl - “FLOW (Decaural)”. This unique composition is designed to provide therapeutic benefit for those suffering with migraines, insomnia and anxiety; as well as helping people to relax and to meditate. The song has been trialled with a select group of discerning individuals who we felt might benefit from it, and their responses and feedback have been highly encouraging and very positive. This makes me very happy, as I know the years of application, knowledge and dedicated work that went in to creating it. Moreover, it’s wonderful to hear of others feeling better because of it. It’s certainly helped my head by tuning in to it; so I’m now encouraging other to give it a try. And it’s only 10 minutes long!

 And I'm sure I'm not the only one who can say they have difficulty in meditating and ‘switching off in the mind’. Well "FLOW" assists me in doing this and has actually helped me in so many ways. I've listened with headphones at the onset of a migraine. The migraine did not evolve any further, which was ‘a first’ for me. Afterwards I felt sleepy and had a rest. I felt calm afterwards. I felt so much better. The way this track is designed is like it gets right into a part of your brain and works wonders. A myriad of sounds, waves and beats and all feel very therapeutic and healing. And I hear something different on every listen!

It helps me with anxiety and to be able to really relax and I can personally describe it as a "brain clean". Amazing actually! I feel totally different mentally after I have listened to the whole track with my eyes closed. 

So it's very beneficial for my glaucoma, because I get anxiety and bad migraines with this disease. Now I've discovered "FLOW" I can say how much this is helping me and what an important piece of healing music this actually is. Thank you .

 Niki – January 2022  😎 ❤

"At the centre of it all - your eyes"





“To glaucomarize”- Transitive Verb



"At the centre of it all - your eyes"


Our Facebook Support Group has now grown to over 1,500 members. This is a free online resource for patients, families and health professionals to interact and support each other.

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                               "At the centre of it all - your eyes"


Glaucomarize are now challenging and raising awareness of what Niki calls “The Big Sky”- panorama and perspective; as lately, there has been a notable disregard from planners and developers with regard to glaucoma and sight impairments, loss of light and vista, and the difficulties and trauma these issues can cause. 

In our own vicinity, we live in a predominantly elderly and disabled community, many of whom are suffering from serious eye conditions – yet council planners have approved a major development that will profoundly affect so many lives, without conducting either a health impact assessment (HIA) or an equality impact assessment (EIA). In this case, councillors and planning officers have been making arbitrary decisions, without any knowledge or expertise regarding disabilities and visual impairments – which is why these assessments are vital and necessary and consultation should be mandatory, as the health impacts are often deeply challenging and profound.

We understand that these kind of decisions (which often flagrantly disregard both disability and equality enshrined in law, and thus become discriminatory), are going on all over the country and often lack foresight, kindness and consideration. Especially at a time when so many have and are suffering due to the unprecedented global pandemic.

Glaucomarize calls upon politicians and councillors to review the current planning laws; especially the cruel and antiquated premise that people do not have the right to a view. This might be the case if people have moved to a place without a specific view. But to take away people’s views and panoramas that are already established by constructing huge buildings that obstruct these often-beautiful vistas and block out the sunlight, is just pure meanness and thus a disgrace in a so-called civilized nation.

And for partially-sighted people who have often moved to a place especially for the views, special light and the sunsets, this is particularly crushing for their physical and mental well-being. It’s just adding to their problems and vision issues by essentially ‘stealing the sky,’ and reducing their light and visual perspectives. Moreover, many eye conditions (particularly glaucoma) are exacerbated by stress and anxiety, which can be serious when threatened with such inappropriate construction projects. 

The picture above is taken at Dungeness on the Romney Marsh in Kent, and demonstrates what Niki means by ‘The Big Sky’ and how she (and others like her) can see much clearer in such an environment.

 Jayl De Lara - January 2022

"At the centre of it all - your eyes"



Niki has recently been at the forefront of raising awareness and encouraging staff training with local organisations, regarding the Sunflower Lanyard scheme for hidden disabilities.

Many disabilities (like Glaucoma), are neither obvious nor visible. 

Niki has often fallen victim to impatience, frustration and sometimes outright rudeness; simply because of people’s unawareness and often complete ignorance. Her visual impairment is not visible to others. And in speaking with other people with hidden disabilities, she realized she was not alone, and that many had suffered similar distressing and even dangerous experiences. And this is what this excellent scheme was set-up to do – to protect vulnerable and disabled individuals and create awareness and tolerance.

Not all people with hidden disabilities necessarily require assistance. But if they do, wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard discreetly indicates that they may need additional support; or simply just a little patience, understanding, or just a little more time. Making the invisible visible. 

The scheme was launched in 2016 at Gatwick Airport by designers, Tabbers Ltd in liaison with the OCS Group UK, who provide support services to UK airports. Since then (and especially through the global pandemic) this visionary initiative has grown enormously.

Today the lanyard is being distributed in more places than ever; and is recognised at international airports, cinemas, shopping centres, supermarkets, NHS Trusts, student campuses, railway stations and sports venues. Recently, in a new partnership with National Highways, the iconic Sunflower can now be displayed on vehicles.

Nevertheless, more education and recognition are still required to make sure the scheme is known to all. Glaucomarize will continue to support and engage with this mission.

Jayl De Lara - January 2022

                                   "At the centre of it all - your eyes"