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Thursday 6 July 2017

STAYING HEALTHY (Mental & Emotional)

I’ve thought long and hard about important issues that have helped me on any given day, which I would like to share. I know that when diagnosed, the challenges that one has to face daily can bring on a real feeling of loneliness. 😩 So if by sharing my experiences manages to help anyone who is reading; well that is one reason enough for starting this charity and website. ☺😎🌈
Why Me?

One of the most important issues is to always do your best to keep yourself full with as much positivity as you can. It’s very easy to ask questions to yourself as to: -

Why me? 😨

Why do I have to change my life so drastically? 😢

Why is everything now completely frustrating? 😠

Not to mention a feeling of total fear of the future. 😨

Moreover, the side effects from the eye drops which are needed to control pressure can often have a very negative effect on the mind and body. 😪 It’s wise to try to stay as healthy as you possibly can and to always think about what you have, rather than what you no longer have. Just a shift in thinking. Not easy at all, but well worth practising. Counting your blessings (in old –fashioned terms so to speak). It has made such a difference to my happiness and life.

Be Positive – You’re Not Alone

And you’re not alone! 😎

There are millions of us suffering with glaucoma in varying degrees and in one form or another. We can be there to support each other. ☺☺☺ I found it best in the end, to talk of my condition to family and friends. It can be a very lonely place keeping the emotions surrounding this disease within yourself. Not to go looking for sympathy; but if only to express the sudden changes in one’s life and the reasons why; what glaucoma actually is and also to not feel ashamed in any way. 👀
Glaucoma can eat into your soul on a bad day, causing confusion, balance issues, eye pain and depression; along with side effects from the medicines. 😵 Just take some time out and really be kind to yourself and look after “you”. 😍

“You’ve just got to get on with it!”

Of course glaucoma can be incredibly tough and it’s very easy to feel sorry for oneself. 😪 But I have found it better to remain cheerful and think positive. ☺😎 My own dear Mum is 90 years old and lived through the war. Even now; although in a care home, suffering from Alzheimer’s, limited mobility and many difficult challenges associated with great age, she just says “Well you’ve just got to get on with it!” Just like she did in the war and throughout her life. I find this an inspiration and strive to apply this philosophy every day. ☺ 

Niki De Lara – July 2017 💗

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