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Monday, 17 July 2017


Dimension is low – no 3D glow,
Illusions of vision – perception is different.
That stranger is too close; I need to feel some space,
My brain feels too busy, longing for my own pace.

Seeing the world through strange vision and colour,
For some there is black, for some there is blue.
How special we are, never doubt yourself now,
Always be true to you.

Something maybe closer than it looks,
These facts are not written in the books.
Find out for ourselves with frustration and pain,
But be kind to yourself and your dignity will remain.

Shades of light are too dark then too bright,
The mirror is too close and the heat burns my eyes.
But don’t be fooled though; I am still cool,
And I am still smart and wise.
You know my faith is as strong as the vast blue skies.

Niki De Lara – July 2017 💗                                               


  1. Your words brought my heart to the world of your eyes... Your heart has spoken truths that will stay in the hearts of all who hear them.. You bring me to a deeper understanding of this part of you.. a great gift to me.. to know more of the beautiful Soul i call.. My Friend.. I love you and am so proud of you for who you are in life.. Love always XOXO

  2. Thankyou for your words of support and understanding 😎❤