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Friday 7 July 2017

FEELING GOOD (Beauty & Cosmetics)

For those who love their make up (like myself), it’s been a long journey since my diagnosis and operations to finding a product that I can wear on my eyes for even just 2 hours. Firstly, I found this strange as I’m one of these ladies who just loves beauty products. I didn’t wear any make up on my eyes for 2 years after my first eye operation. Not leading up to the op either, as I was using 4 different eye drops all day. I struggle with applying eye make-up now as I’m blind in my right eye so I can’t see to apply it properly to my left eye! 😨 This was a miserable realisation! 😒Add that to not knowing what to apply or how to take it off ended up in nothing at all.
So I just concentrated on lipsticks and nails and blushers. I always wear dark prescription sunglasses everywhere so it didn’t seem to matter anymore. All the eye make-up went in the bin and I avoided even looking at it in shops. Many people have told me my eyes are beautiful without make-up and I began to tell myself that too.
Time went on and I started to research which brands there could be a possibility of using. I’d given my eyes a rest, so I thought maybe time to experiment using my patience. With some help from a few good friends and a few support group conversations over the topic, I discovered that pure coconut oil was the best eye make-up remover and it really IS.
I researched into vegan eye make-up, chemical free, organic eye make-up, sensitive eyes and was pleased to discover that I could now wear for a couple of hours “Almay” mascara and eye shadow by “Pacifica” which I discovered on an excellent website called “Love Lula”.❤ This eye shadow is made from natural minerals and is formulated without talc, parabens, petroleum, etc. 😐 😱 It was a delight when I had the “me” time to apply these. I could keep them on for about 2 hours. Very pleased with the results. It’s only saved for special occasions and my day to day is my dark glasses and one of my many lipsticks. But it felt great finding that freedom after having to make such drastic changes.
Never doubt yourself by sudden limitations placed before you. Always try try try with all your strength and faith to make the best of everything you have in the most positive way you can. We are all individuals but sometimes we need a little help and guidance and I hope I’ve given you some inspiration here.

Niki De Lara – July 2017 💗

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